Late Night Session

In my other post I mentioned how I tend to stay up late and want to shoot while everyone else is getting into bed. Luckily, another photographer I know (Don Carlito) is the same way. Thursday night he invited me to tag along to shoot in Buffalo's Theater and Cobblestone Districts. Another photographer (Kajuan Lyons) saw my post on Artists Seeking Artists and followed suit. Our model was Chance Young(IG @chance_the_model), a local aspiring transgender model. He wore some urban streetwear: torn army green pants, a mauve zip-up hoody and a fitted hat. I give Chance a lot of was CHILLY!! It felt like it was about 30 degrees outside. We shot around downtown for a while and then ended u

Jessica AKA Buffalo's Best Kept Secret

Recently I did a photoshoot with Jessica (follow her on IG: @iblondie123), someone I've known since I was really young. She has always been a ball of positivity and it's quite uplifting! I follow her on social media and love her pictures; they're always fun and absolutely beautiful. So when I finally got her into my studio, it was extremely exciting! Now..I KNEW she was beautiful but I had NO IDEA how impressed I would be with her modeling skills. As soon as we started shooting she began to pull out all sorts of poses and with every click of my camera a new pose would be made. Her facial expressions and body movement truly brought the images to life. We started off with her makeup being abso

Photo Session With Teralyn

I'm currently on a really weird schedule and it has me playing the role of a night owl. And OF COURSE I get the urge to shoot late at night when everyone else is tucked away in bed. (Fml) Luckily, my Great-Grand-Little (I'm in a sorority) is also a night owl! :) Once we discovered this amazing coincidence we decided we had to do a late night photo session! Teralyn was nervous at first but as soon as she found her groove it was all downhill from there! She started switching up poses and facial expressions and I thought I was shooting a supermodel for a minute. She didn't miss a beat and was very openminded to trying different concepts. At first we started off with a really light and airy conc

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