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Photo Session With Teralyn

Behind The Scenes With Teralyn

I'm currently on a really weird schedule and it has me playing the role of a night owl. And OF COURSE I get the urge to shoot late at night when everyone else is tucked away in bed. (Fml) Luckily, my Great-Grand-Little (I'm in a sorority) is also a night owl! :) Once we discovered this amazing coincidence we decided we had to do a late night photo session!

Teralyn was nervous at first but as soon as she found her groove it was all downhill from there! She started switching up poses and facial expressions and I thought I was shooting a supermodel for a minute. She didn't miss a beat and was very openminded to trying different concepts.

At first we started off with a really light and airy concept. She had an off-white dress with a lace fabric acting as a shawl. In her words she felt like Mother Teresa! It was beautiful and in Photoshop I brightened and whitened the image. Her curls and eyes are so soft in the images; I love it!

After getting a few shots with the light concept, I sat there for a second and started thinking about what we had available to use for another idea. I had my makeup bag and we had some black clothing... and coconut oil! I instantly thought of this wet and messy shoot I've been wanting to do for awhile. I asked her if she would be open to getting a bit messy with me and just trust me. Teralyn being a trooper agreed! We switched up her makeup and put on VERY HEAVY mascara and splashed water on her eyes. I wet her hair down. Then we put coconut oil all over her face, neck, shoulders, arms and chest. It created a wet look and was exactly what I've been itching to do! The images from the wet and messy shoot are my favorite!

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