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Jessica AKA Buffalo's Best Kept Secret

Recently I did a photoshoot with Jessica (follow her on IG: @iblondie123), someone I've known since I was really young. She has always been a ball of positivity and it's quite uplifting! I follow her on social media and love her pictures; they're always fun and absolutely beautiful. So when I finally got her into my studio, it was extremely exciting!

Now..I KNEW she was beautiful but I had NO IDEA how impressed I would be with her modeling skills. As soon as we started shooting she began to pull out all sorts of poses and with every click of my camera a new pose would be made. Her facial expressions and body movement truly brought the images to life.

We started off with her makeup being absolutely flawless and hair silky and shiny to..well I guess you could say a Harley Quinn stunt double. She smeared her lipstick across her face, splashed some water on her to wet her hair and get her makeup to run a bit. The images came out GREAT! She truly got into character and I was impressed, to say the least. Check em out below!

Thank you Jessica for an amazing shoot! I look forward to working with you again soon! <3

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