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Delaware Park With The Raymonds

This past Sunday evening was beautiful and I got to spend it working with this equally as beautiful family! And when I say working, I think I actually mean playing because it definitely didn't feel like work! I've known this family for what feels like forever now! I knew the parents before their first was born and I've gotten to see them grow into such a great little family. Now, on to the photography stuff...

While planning for the photo session, the Momma (Megan) and I messaged back and forth about clothing ideas and we decided on basing the theme off of one of her colorful maxi dresses. She then chose the rest of the family's outfits by pulling colors from the top of her dress. It turned out great! I also asked if it would be okay to do a behind the scenes video of the session, thankfully they were down for the cause! You can see the video down below along with some pictures from the session.

Being a photographer who does different types of photography, I have to be very versatile with how I conduct my shoots. With my family sessions I try to make it more of a hangout/playdate. I give the family a lot of time "alone" while I shoot from a distance so I can get more natural portraits. During this shoot we ran around and chased each other, colored and picked flowers! Like I said, it definitely didn't feel like work! Hope you enjoy!

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