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Fall Engagement Session

couple holding hands-engagement

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's gorgeous and I tend to romanticize it (not ashamed in the least bit!). I love the crisp chilly air, the colors, the decor, cuddling, the apple cinnamon scents, coffee and ..well I could go on forever honestly! This fall I had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session! I could not have been more excited! A & A were so adorable and playful with one another, I couldn't get enough of the session! We met at Delaware Park in Buffalo and walked down towards the stone bridge.

The future Mrs. was very crafty and made her own props to use during the session! The signs she made were so adorable and worked perfectly. Side note: I always appreciate creative people!

We ventured around taking a bunch of different shots while we waited for their son and furbabe to arrive.

Their son and pup were BEYOND excited to see mommy and daddy! It was absolutely adorable when they showed up! Their son started yelling mommy and ran right over to her and the pup got all excited too! Such a cute family!

For the rest of the session we adventured around some more and I fell back in some of the shots so they could just naturally interact with one another (those are always the best shots). Below you can find some more images I captured. Congratulations A & A! It was such a great time creating with your beautiful family!

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