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Small Business Giveaway: Incredible Edibles By: Mallory

One of the Small Business Giveaway winners was Incredible Edibles By: Mallory. We setup in my studio in the white room. I put my coffee table in the center and Mallory brought a gorgeous gold sequence tablecloth to lay over top. She also brought a bunch of super cute food stands and other props. ​​The setup was beautiful and had the string lights in the background. Mallory laughed and referred to herself as a "gold girl."

She definitely has an eye for creative design. As she laid out all of the chocolate sweets I was amazed with how perfect every piece was. It looked too beautiful too eat! She brought with her: chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake berries, chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, apples, Oreos and rice krispies. I HIGHLY suggest the cheesecake berries! Sooo yummy!

Incredible Edibles has been operating for about 3 years now and is continuing to blossom. Mallory started off creating these beautiful delights as just a hobby inside of her home and is now a growing small business in the City of Buffalo, NY. Scroll down to check out more photos from our session together! Also, visit her site and consider ordering some cheesecake berries...and some for me too!

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