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Hi-Mike Hi-Tech = Hi-Quality

In honor of Black History Month in February, I did a photoshoot giveaway to a black-owned business in the Buffalo community. Hi-Mike Hi-Tech was the winner of this giveaway! Richard is the owner of this great company and it was a pleasure having him in my studio. Below you can read a bit about his work, find links for his business and contact information!

What does it mean to you to be a black business owner in our community?

"Owning a black-owned business is awesome. In my industry, there aren’t many black business owners. It motivates me to have the attitude to do the best possible work for all of my customers. I believe it means a lot to the community as well, because there are children that look like me that I am inspiring. The community needs technology since we are lacking heavily in this industry. We are known for entertainment and sports and I enjoy knowing that I am changing the script a little here!"

How & why did you start your own business?

"When I was just a kid I realized very early on that I like fixing things with my hands, and that I was good with technology. Everyone in my family knew that I was going to become something great and I wanted to pursue that. I started my business because I knew it was time to shake the system and pursue my dreams."

What have been your favorite parts of running your own business?

"My favorite part about running my own business is customer satisfaction. I love when my customers are amazed at the work we’ve done. I also love the freedom to serve my clients according to my core values. Instead of just getting them in and out, I want to establish a relationship with my customers to make them feel comfortable enough to give us a call whenever needed. I also appreciate being able to personally customize our services and design."

What have been the struggles of running your business?

"The biggest struggle I have been through as a business owner was when my father passed away in October of 2014. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer years before and I would try my best to absorb every conversation. He taught me to educate myself and always save my money. Before his passing, I had already worked 12 different jobs and I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. It felt boring with the same repetition. It was a very difficult time, but that is when I really felt motivated to get off my butt and start working for myself as a tribute to my father and his teachings.

Another struggle period was starting the business. When I was laid off from my 12th job, I still had bills. My girlfriend and I lived in our first apartment together at this time and it wasn’t easy. I had the option to either try to enter the workforce again, or to start my own. That was the day when I chose to start my own. I stayed up for hours on YouTube learning how to do business, watched Gary Vee daily, and met some mentors along the way that guided me to where I am at now."

"We provide 10+ services from computer repair to website design."

Phone Number: (716) 715-3703 Email:

What sets you apart from other tech businesses?

"There are many reasons why Hi Mike Hi Tech is different from the rest. Most importantly, we are dedicated to our customers and pride ourselves on our honesty and trustworthiness. We make an effort to be sure customers understand and agree with every step of the process and always keep them in the loop. We also offer a large variety of services to be sure we can please the needs of all different types of customers."

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