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Buffalo NY photographer

Hello Beautiful Souls!

     I'm Sara Elizabeth. I am located in the city of Buffalo, NY. I have been practicing photography for about 9 years now.

     Photography is a true passion of mine. I started off modeling for local photographers and found myself always trying to learn about the other side of the camera. Years later and here I am with my own photography business!

     I love creating beautiful, memorable images with my clients. My photo sessions are always meant to be fun and relaxed. I pride myself on my customer service and positive personality! I always strive to make my clients feel comfortable and confident with me as their photographer.

     My biggest strength is within female portraiture. I believe this is because I used to do a bit of modeling so I understand it from both sides of the camera. I am also very big on female empowerment. I love helping women grow their confidence and embrace their sexuality. Women are beautiful creatures and I feel like we should be proud of it! 

     I absolutely love communicating with my clients to create unique and creative concepts that they'll love and feel confident about. 

     Thank you for considering me to capture your memories!

-Sara Elizabeth

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